Viral Manitoba elevator permits ‘going down’

A very familiar Manitoba name is about to disappear from local elevators, and social media users have a lot to say about an unexpected local celebrity.Civil servant Cheryl Lashek became a viral sensation in 2017 when her instantly-recognizable signature – which appears on the safety permits in every local elevator – led to an Instagram fan page which now has almost 2,000 followers.READ MORE: Broken lift at 201 Portage Avenue repairedUnfortunately for Lashek’s fans, however, the iconic permits will soon be removed from Manitoba elevators – reportedly on April 1.Lashek fans are reacting online with the same passion that initial made her signature a viral sensation, sharing their memories and their ideas to commemorate Lashek’s signature – everything from a tattoo to a proposed documentary film.Done did it @AceBurpeeShow— wasihko mikisew iskwew (@thicciskwew) March 14, 2019
You heard it here first: a documentary short about Cheryl Lashek’s cult following and fandom is in the works. Stay tuned. #InCherylWeTrust #CherylLashek— Jenn Walker (@jennwalkr) March 14, 2019
When you realize you’ve ridden in an elevator without Cheryl Lashek’s signature anymore … and it will never be the same— Hockey Night in Manitoba (@HockeyNightMB) March 15, 2019
If Cheryl Lashek retires, elevators are cancelled— the.winnipeg.son (@thewinnipegson) March 14, 2019
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