Winnipeg Airport opposes proposed residential project at Polo Park

The Winnipeg airport is voicing their concerns over potential residential development near the Polo Park area.In a city council meeting on Wednesday, members agreed to reconsider amendments to the James A. Richardson Airport’s Vicinity Protection Area Plan (AVPA).The AVPA protects the 24-hour air operations of the airport by limiting residential noise complaints.Story continues below

READ MORE: Residential development proposed for Polo Park areaThe proposal is to re-designate land to allow for new residential uses, notably mixed-use or multi-family residential, to be considered in the future.In a statement sent to Global News, spokesperson for the airport, Tyler MacAfee, said the airport says if amendments are made, “it would create unnecessary friction between citizens, local government, and the airport.”MacAfee believes the potential decision would impact the long term-term operations of the airport, something he believes Winnipeg has been able to avoid as compared to other communities improper planning.“To prop up property values for a couple of developers isn’t in the best interest of the community,” MacAfee said.The airport says they support more than 17,000 jobs and generates $245 million in taxes in Winnipeg.Get daily local headlines and alerts