Winnipeg cops cracking down on bitcoin scam

Police are warning Winnipeggers about a new scam involving bitcoin ATMs.Posters have been put up on or next to the ATMs, police said, telling users that the machines are undergoing software development and that users should deposit bitcoin by using a QR scan code on the poster.READ MORE: Sophisticated pickpockets working debit scam in Winnipeg, say policeThe posters, however, haven’t been put up by the owners/operators of the bitcoin machines, and following their instructions means users are buying bitcoin with their own money and giving it to someone else.Police said users should familiarize themselves with how bitcoin and cryptocurrency transactions work before using a bitcoin ATM, and should never pay bills via a bitcoin ATM. Most government agencies, police, utilities, banks and credit unions don’t accept bitcoin as a form of bill payment.Bitcoin Scam Warning
The WPS Financial Crime Unit has identified a recent scam in Winnipeg involving bitcoin ATMs. Investigators have confirmed that these posters have not been put up by the owners/operators of the bitcoin machines.
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— Winnipeg Police (@wpgpolice) August 29, 2019
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