Winnipeg gym takes New Year’s fitness resolutions ‘one step at a time’

The New Year always begins the same way — with fireworks and a resolution.Attendees at the Brickhouse Gym in Osborne Village are back to their regular routines after the holiday break.“I want to get that consistency going and to enjoy being active again after sitting around and eating to much,” said a regular member at the gym, who declined to be named.READ MORE: How to recover more quickly from a workoutMost of them have already thought of their 2019 New Year’s resolutions.“I actually want to make it to the gym five times a week,” another gymgoer said. “That’s my New Year’s goal.”Paul Taylor owns the Brickhouse gym, and he can’t help but notice something different each time January 1st rolls around.

Paul Taylor, the Owner of the Brickhouse gym doing weight reps on Saturday morning.

Paul Taylor, the Owner of the Brickhouse gym doing weight reps on Saturday morning.Marek Tkach / Global News
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“Sometimes there’s a sense of desperation, because everyone’s been eating and celebrating and spending more time socializing, eating treats, holiday dinners and less time in the gym,” he said.Taylor suggests starting small with your New Year’s resolutions, even if they don’t involve a trip to the gym.READ MORE: Grunting at the gym: How loud is too loud?“Your fitness journey is taking one step at a time, and you don’t need to feel like it’s a race,” Taylor said. “It’s a marathon and you can start by walking, and eventually running then sprinting.”According to a survey done one year ago, 54 per cent of Canadians focused their resolutions on improving their physical well-being.WATCH: Adviser explains importance of setting financial resolutions in 2019