Winnipeg man accused of stabbing a bus driver to death acted in self-defence, says lawyer

A Winnipeg man accused of stabbing a bus driver acted in self-defence, his lawyer said in his closing address to the jury on Wednesday.Defence lawyer Evan Roitenberg told court bus driver Irvine Jubal Fraser instigated a fight with his client Bryan Kyle Thomas.“Who was the first to raise this to the level of physicality?” Roitenberg asked jurors. “Did Brian offer a hint of aggression?”Story continues below

Roitenberg also noted the “startling size difference” between Fraser and Thomas, sometimes referring to them and “big guy” and “little guy.”READ MORE: Video footage shows bus driver Irvine Fraser being spit on, muffled sounds of struggleDue to a lack of evidence linking Thomas to a murder weapon, Roitenberg argues Fraser was the one to produce some sort of blade.Roitenberg pointed the jury to the security footage video moments before Fraser stood up from his seat. He told the jury to listen for what sounds like Fraser going into a compartment.He then instructed the jury to watch the footage just before the pair exited the frame. He argues a shadow appears to show something in Fraser’s hand, suggesting Fraser dropped it before Thomas picked it up.“Brian reaches for an item on the ground and came up,” Roitenberg said.Crown attorney Keith Eyrikson doesn’t believe Thomas acted in self-defence.In his closing argument prior to Roitenberg’s, he told jurors Thomas was not afraid of Fraser, pointing to the video that shows Thomas taunting the bus driver after being asked to leave at least 25 times.“This is anger, not fear,” he said.WARNING: VIDEO CONTAINS CONTENT THAT MAY BE DISTURBING TO SOME VIEWERS. Security camera video showing the last minutes of bus driver Irvine Jubal Fraser’s life was played for a jury in court Tuesday.