Winnipeg MP Jim Carr to hear from Manitobans at town hall

A Winnipeg Member of Parliament wants to hear from you at a town hall in the city.

Winnipeg South Centre MP, Jim Carr, is holding the forum at the Corydon Community Centre at 1370 Grovenor Ave. on Saturday.

He says it’s a chance for Manitobans to hear about what’s happening on Parliament Hill — but he always takes something away, too.

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“It’s really the heart of what grassroots politics are all about. I do this three or four times a year and I always learn something, and I hope those who come also learn from their MP,” he explains.

Carr was named Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Special Advisor to the Prairies, a key role after the Liberals were reduced to a minority government following shutouts in Saskatchewan and Alberta during the fall election.

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He says economic well-being is a big deal for all prairie provinces, and he’s happy with the steps the government has taken.

“Manitoba is doing relatively well, we’re happy with the number of children we’ve brought out of poverty over the last few years, and we think the unemployment rate is low.”

Jim Carr in Edmonton, speaks about Teck mine, Alberta economy
Jim Carr in Edmonton, speaks about Teck mine, Alberta economy

But Carr adds there’s still work to be done, especially as the economy slows due to fears over the novel coronavirus.

“I was in Saskatchewan and Alberta, and unemployment among young people — particularly in the energy sector — is top of mind there. We’ve announced a $450-million program across the country to help people from job to job, and $158 million of that will be invested in the Prairies.”

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Carr says nearly all Canadians are concerned about a potential COVID-19 outbreak in the country, and it will be one of the main focuses of the town hall.

“Canada is well prepared. We have a lot of confidence in our systems. We will do everything we can, and we encourage Canadians to take their own action to prevent the distribution of this disease.”

Winnipeg MP Jim Carr diagnosed with form of blood cancer
Winnipeg MP Jim Carr diagnosed with form of blood cancer

The 68-year-old also provided an update on his health following a diagnosis of blood cancer in October, just a day after the election.

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“I feel well. I’m trying to find the right balance between treatment and serving Canada. There will be some treatments ahead, but I’m full of optimism. Much has changed in the prognoses of my particular cancer, and thanks to lots of positive energy and goodwill, I think I’m going to be just fine.”

The open house runs from noon until 1:30 p.m. March 7.

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