Winnipeg police collar suspect in pickpocket scam

A man police believe to be behind a pickpocketing scheme is behind bars.Police said the scam worked by a suspect waiting in line behind an unsuspecting shopper at a store, and watching over the victim’s shoulder to make a note of their PIN when they paid at the cashier with a debit card.An accomplice would then distract the victim in the parking lot once they left the store – often by pointing out money on the ground or a possible flat tire — while the victim’s entire wallet was being pickpocketed.Story continues below

READ MORE: Sophisticated pickpockets working debit scam in Winnipeg, say policeBecause the suspects would have both the card and the PIN, they were able to cause “significant financial losses” by making withdrawals or purchases, said police.Police arrested Elvis Stoian, 42, on Tuesday, who is suspected of being responsible for three such incidents between July 31 and Aug. 7.Stoian has been charged with conspiracy to commit and indictable offence, three counts of fraud, three counts of identity theft, four counts of using a credit card, and three counts of possessing property obtained by crime.He was detained in custody.Members of the Financial Crimes Unit have arrested a male believed to be responsible for pickpocket frauds. Elvis Stoian, a 42-year-old of Winnipeg, has been charged with fraud-related offences.— Winnipeg Police (@wpgpolice) September 12, 2019
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