Winnipeg police encourage drivers to use theft prevention cards

As property crime, including vehicle break-ins, continues to be an issue in Winnipeg, police are encouraging drivers to install a bright yellow theft prevention card on their driver’s side window.

The front of the cards, which look similar to a parking ticket, notify potential thieves that all valuables have removed from the vehicle, while theft prevention tips are listed on the back.

“You’re saying, ‘Look, I took everything out of my car, don’t bother,’” Insp. Bonnie Emerson of the Winnipeg Police Service said.

“We actually have surveillance video showing people just trying car doors, trying car doors, looking and seeing and moving on.”

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The initiative was launched in April, and was encouraged by police at a crime forum in St. Norbert Wednesday night, where residents gathered to discuss their concerns of property crime in the area.

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“It will not 100 per cent guarantee anything,” Emerson said. “We’re talking about layers of deterrents that you can do.”

Other deterrents include keeping your windows closed and doors locked, never leaving your car keys, house keys or garage door opener in your vehicle, and parking in well-lit areas with pedestrian traffic.

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If your vehicle is damaged during a break-in, and you have MPI’s basic, $500 deductible, it’ll cost you $500 to get your vehicle fixed.

The deductible is waived for vandalism claims for customers who have a deductible of $200 or lower.

MPI tracking factors in car theft

MPI tracking factors in car theft

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