Winnipeg powerlifters use their strength to make a little girl’s dreams come true

A group of powerlifters used their skills to help raise money for one young girl fighting cancer.Maya was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) when she was only 2.READ MORE: Winnipeg hair salon raises money for terminally ill kidsHer parents say she has gone through her chemo treatments with a strength rivalling that of a weight lifter.Story continues below

“Deadlifts for Dreams” organizer and Midtown Barbell owner, Dave Beakley wanted to raise enough money to make Maya’s dream come true.“In getting matched with Maya I got to know her and her family and the fit is absolutely perfect. She’s a little fighter, she’s going through some things right now and she doesn’t let it phase her. I just thought that went really well with power-lifters who train everyday and push themselves and are fighters in their own regard,” Beakley said.READ MORE: Santa Suite: Supporting The Dream FactoryIn hopes of raising $17,000, 25 lifters competed for Maya’s benefit. The group surpassed their goal and raised around $22,000.