Winnipeg School Division looks at starting high school later, releases survey

The Winnipeg School Division has released a survey asking parents about implementing later school start times for their high school children.Trustee Chris Broughton said the motion was put forward last year, to study the impacts of potential start time switch-ups, to improve academic outcomes.Story continues below

The school division says the later start times could be advantageous for students, including an increase in attendance numbers.READ MORE: Winnipeg School Division looking into later start time for high schoolersThey cited a study done at the University of Minnesota that found grades, test scores and overall performances in core subjects improved significantly when school start times were switched to later hours.Among the benefits of later start times for students, the school division also noted the disadvantages to switching the start times.READ MORE: Winnipeg school trustees pass 2019/20 budget, frustrated over what they call province’s influenceThe division highlighted issues for parents and how the later time could disrupt their schedules.They say the change could also make it difficult for after school sports or tutoring lessons, as the later start time would mean a later end time for classes.The collected survey information will be shared with the Board of Trustees to gauge interest and determine further discussion in the Winnipeg School Division.RELATED: Winnipeg School Division rolling out app to help parents track their kids