Winnipeg vet clinic reunites stolen dog, owner, after four years apart

When a Winnipeg veterinary clinic took in a lost dog on Friday, they had no idea he had been stolen from a Thunder Bay, Ont., man four years ago.Centennial Animal Hospital posted a video on social media of the joyous reunion between Jacko the dog and his owner Mike Plas.Story continues below

READ MORE: More than 40 dogs rescued from landfill in Manitoba brought to CalgaryThe hospital said the reason they were able to reunite Jacko with his owner so quickly is because the dog has an implanted microchip.Plas said when he heard the news from Centennial, it was “the greatest phone call I’ve ever gotten in my life”, and he left that evening for Winnipeg for a reunion he never thought would happen.“Life without him has never been the same, and the feeling of having Jacko back is unexplainable,” Plas said in a Facebook post.“Never ever lose hope… I didn’t, and after four years apart in different provinces, we are together again.”WATCH: Why German Shepherds like to keep their minds active