Winnipeggers worry about downtown safety

After multiple violent incidents in downtown Winnipeg this past weekend, safety in the downtown area is once again being called into question.It’s not the first time Winnipeggers are speaking out about downtown safety.“We don’t go downtown, if you go downtown you’re forever looking over your shoulder and I just don’t feel comfortable,” said one Winnipeg man Monday morning.In 2018, there were a total of 62, 640 crimes committed within city limits. Of those, roughly 6,300 occurred in the downtown area.Story continues below

Over the weekend two men were stabbed at an upscale downtown apartment building on Portage Avenue.READ MORE: Stabbing in downtown Winnipeg apartment sends two to hospitalPoint Douglas City Councillor Vivian Santos is hearing concerns regarding the downtown area regularly.“It does give a negative feel to the downtown in the Exchange area,” said Santos.“I don’t think the perception has changed, it’s still busy, there’s still lots of traffic and pedestrians and lots of traffic flow.”However, Global News spoke to Winnipeggers at the Forks Monday, and the the majority disagreed with Santos.“Things are getting worse, either that or things are being reported a lot more,” said one man.Santos said new development may be a solution.READ MORE: Police seek public’s help in finding downtown Winnipeg attempted mugging suspect“I don’t think people are going to stop from living downtown, we have lots of buildings going up so there is a need for people to want to live there.”With violent crimes making headlines, one Winnipeg woman says it will take more than new development bring her downtown.“I think it has a real effect on the city,” she said.“People coming to the city, they don’t want to be in the downtown area, they’ll go down there and visit things but they won’t go down there at night because of things they’ve heard.”RELATED VIDEO: Couple recovering after attack in downtown Winnipeg