Winnipeg’s newest millionaire looking forward to retirement

Winnipeg has one more millionaire.Monica Hornbeck, who bought her $6 quick pick ticket at a McGregor Street store, won one of the Lotto Max prize draws Dec. 7.Hornbeck won her million-dollar prize by correctly playing all seven numbers in one of the Maxmillions draws.The winner said she plans to use her winnings for retirement and to help her family.READ MORE: Are you Winnipeg’s mystery millionaire? Lotto winner yet to claim prize“It doesn’t feel like retirement is looming,” she said. “Now we’re really looking forward to it.“It’s wonderful knowing that we don’t have to worry. It’s a relief, a gift.“And being able to leave something behind for our kids is a really great feeling.”WATCH: Winnipeg pastor wins $1M prize thanks to Patrik Laine