Winnipeg’s only cat cafe searching for purrrfect new home

Winnipeg’s only mix of cats and coffee are in desperate need of a new home.Miss J.La’s Fur Babies Cat Cafe and Adoption Centre is searching for a new commercial space the group can afford as their lease is up on Halloween.READ MORE: Winnipeg’s first cat cafe set to open in July“As of now I do NOT have a place for us to move to,” Owner Jennifer Lepine-Laferriere wrote on social media.“We also don’t have the funds. We are continuing to search daily.  If needed I will have to take anything to keep the kitties safe.”The cafe currently has 28 cats and kittens that need a home or fosters while they search for a new place.

The cafe has to be out by Oct. 31.

The cafe has to be out by Oct. 31.Miss J.La’s Fur Babies Cat Cafe/Facebook“I am stressed and so full of anxiety,” said Lepine-Laferriere. “I want to believe we will all be alright but I’m scared. Our time is running out.”The cafe hopes to raise $7,000 to help with first and last month’s security deposit and any renovations a commercial space would need to house cats.WATCH: A look back at the opening of Winnipeg’s first cat cafe.