Youth staging ‘die in’ at CMHR for climate protest

A group of young local activists will be ‘dying’ on the steps of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) on Friday afternoon as part of a global climate change protest.Manitoba Youth for Climate Action (MYCA) is staging the ‘die-in’ as a way to respond to the impending threat of climate change.Story continues below

“All across Canada, we’ve coordinated across time zones for all youth to drop at the exact same time to protest the unjust deaths that have come of the climate crisis already… and the deaths that will come if we don’t take action,” MYCA’s Lena Andres told 680 CJOB.“The climate crisis is going to be affecting my generation the most, and those who are older, the ones before us, have been the ones to cause major harm to the environment.“They’ve had the right to a future, they’ve had the right to have a long healthy life. We’re just fighting for the exact same thing that they’ve had the privilege of receiving.”Similar student strikes, initiated by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, have been held in a number of countries around the world.READ MORE: Hope in Manitoba in face of climate change

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