March is Nutrition Month

Nutrition Month

Eating and snacking healthy during your busy workday

Almost half of Canadians say eating healthy and snacking while work is a challenge.

If rushed mornings, full days and late nights mean you’re hitting a drive thru to grab lunch, you may be inspired by the information the Dietitians of Canada have prepared to help support people eat and snack healthy during a busy workday.

With helpful, practical information – that includes yummy recipes – people can improve their diet – and their health, mood, energy level and ability to concentrate – one choice at a time.

  1. DYK? Almost 40% of Canadians skip breakfast, increasing risk for morning brain drain.
  2. Drive by the drive-thru! Make breakfast ahead with this berry parfait.
  3. Start your workday right! Get it going the night before. Click here for more time-savers.
  4. Dietitians everywhere agree: kick-start your day with a balanced breakfast. Try this.
  5. No time for breakfast? No way! Try a breakfast grab ’n’ go granola bar.
  6. Make a breakfast burrito in less than 5 minutes. Now that’s fast food!
  7. Drink. Refill. Repeat? 3 big mugs of coffee/day could deliver excess caffeine.
  8. 100 staff birthdays per year = 8 slices of cake a month! Celebrate once a month instead.
  9. Manage workplace munchies with Mother Nature’s candy dish – a big bowl of fresh fruit!
  10. Get the most out of your meetings. Order brain food, not drain food!
  11. Full-day meeting? BYOS – bring your own snacks! More on eating well at work.
  12. Want a career path advantage? Add healthy eating to your to-do list!
  13. Is workplace stress eating away at you? Don’t feed your feelings with food!
  14. Don’t let business travel give your belly the blues! Pack snacks and a water bottle.
  15.  Is shift work wreaking havoc on your eating habits? Dietitians dish out helpful tips!
  16. Same old sandwich? Think outside the lunch box! Reinvent dinner leftovers.
  17. Dietitians share tasty tips to perk up your brown bag lunch.
  18. Eating out at lunch? Make better choices with expert tips from dietitians.
  19. Lunching at work? Think outside the cubicle. Start a healthy lunch club.
  20. DYK? There’s a big difference between a snack and a treat. Snack smart!
  21. Midday slump sinking in? No need for caffeine! Energize with a walk, some water or a small snack.
  22. Pack smart snacks! Try these dietitian-approved brain boosters in your lunch bag.
  23. Break time! Before you reach for something to nibble, ask yourself if you’re truly hungry.
  24. Thirsty? If you enjoy a midday sweet drink, it’s time to swap your sip!
  25. Dietitians’ snacking motto: be prepared. Keep nutrient-rich food at work to help you snack better.
  26. Long commute? Before you head home, grab a drink to wet your whistle. Sip on water, a plain latte or tea.
  27. Rushing home? Manage mealtime mayhem with simple ideas from
  28. Scrambling for supper at the end of a busy workday? Recruit your family to help. Go team!
  29. Avoid pre-dinner munchies. Pack healthy snacks, like fruit, veggies or trail mix, for the commute home.
  30. Craving a snack for the commute? In a pinch, make better vending machine choices: nuts, fruit or yogurt.

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If you have a question about feeding yourself or your family, speak to the dietitians at Dial-a-Dietitian by calling 204 788 8248 or toll free 1 877 830 2892 outside of Winnipeg. It’s free!