Winnipeg’s Wildwood bear tranquilized and relocated outside city

A black bear that wandered into Winnipeg’s Wildwood neighbourhood might be waking up this morning with a nasty hangover and wondering if it just had a strange dream.

Around 11 p.m. Tuesday night, the wayward bruin moved low enough from its spot in a tree for conservation officers to tranquilize and safely remove it, an email from the province said.

The bear was then relocated outside of the city.

Conservation officers were called to the forested neighbourhood between Pembina Highway and the Red River on Tuesday afternoon.

The bear had been seen roaming the residential area before scrambling up a tree on Manchester Blvd. S. after the conservation officers showed up. 

Police officers in navy blue uniforms and conservation officers in green uniforms stand on a street.
A police officer blocks off the street, in the background, while other officers speak with conservation officers on Tuesday afternoon. (Adam Yadaoui/Radio-Canada)

That was the plan — almost.

The idea was to force the bear into a tree where it could be sedated and brought down in the bucket of a fire truck ladder, Staff Sgt. Graeme Smith of the Manitoba Conservation Officer Service told CBC News Tuesday afternoon.

Unfortunately, the bear picked the tallest tree around, he said.

So the plan was changed. Instead, conservation officers decided to pull back in hopes the bear would come down on its own.

Once it was darker, and there were fewer people watching, the bear began to descend.

When it reached a point where it was safe, conservation officers made their move.