Woman in labour rescued near Emerson while walking across border

Emergency crews rescued a pregnant asylum seeker who became stuck in the snow while attempting to walk across the border near Emerson.

Emerson-Franklin Reeve Dave Carlson told CBC News emergency crews were called around 5 a.m. Saturday morning.

She was walking alone along the railway tracks. When the rescuers arrived, the woman had gone into labour.

“They looked for her and found her and she was trapped in the snow. She was stuck pretty good. She had her own cell phone so she had called 9-1-1,” said Carlson.

Carlson did not know what country the woman was seeking asylum from.

He said it’s fortunate emergency crews found the woman when they did.

“Let alone somebody trying to cross the border and find their way to where they need to go. It’s so dangerous you know especially someone in that condition,” he said.

There is no word yet on the condition of the woman or her baby.