Organization receives funding to make Manitoba ‘cleaner and greener’

A local organization is getting a financial boost to help Winnipeggers take pride in their community.

The province has awarded a $46,000 grant to Take Pride Winnipeg.

The funding will enable the charity to organize cleanups and help educate Manitobans on the importance of waste diversion, recycling, and keeping communities litter-free.

In a press release, Climate Change Minister Tracy Schmidt, praised the organization for its efforts.

“Small steps like picking up litter can have a big impact in our communities and we would like to thank Take Pride Winnipeg for its role in making Manitoba cleaner and greener,” said Schmidt.

Each year Take Pride also teams up with businesses, schools, and community groups to clean up streets, parks and playgrounds.

Today, H.S. Paul School students hosted Take Pride and its own Earth Day community clean-up.

Tom Ethans, Executive Director of Take Pride Winnipeg, noted how teaming up with youths can shape our community for years to come.

“We need young people to be able to understand how they can make a difference and how they can bring their message up to the adults,” said Ethans.

He also explained to the students how even the smallest acts of care can make a massive difference.

“If every person in Manitoba walked outside today, (a) beautiful day, took 10 seconds, picked up one single piece of litter, that’s over a million pieces of litter off the ground,” said Ethans.

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