‘Everything was stolen’: Winnipeg community centre frustrated after break in at their batting cage

A Winnipeg community centre has been left to deal with the aftermath of a break in, which resulted in a number of items being stolen, including a pitching machine.

Carmelle Remillard, the executive assistant for the Norberry-Glenlee Community Centre, said there was a break in at one of the batting cages in the early morning hours of May 17 at their Worthington Avenue location.

“Everything was stolen out of there,” said Remillard. She noted someone cut a hole in the fence surrounding the batting cage, and once they got inside they took everything they could get their hands on from racks and hammers to baseball bases and measuring tapes.

The item that hurt the most to have stolen, however, was a pitching machine.

“To replace them is well over $2,000, closer to $3,000 I believe. So yeah, it is not good.”

She said a number of baseball teams use the cage, and ultimately, they are the ones who will be impacted the most by this.

“It is going to be the kids that are going to suffer for it. Until we can get equipment replaced, it’s a matter of them either having to share, or redo a schedule so they get to use it.”

It’s not the first time the community centre has dealt with something like this. Remillard said they had a trailer stolen before, as well as their air conditioner being damaged all for the copper wire inside.

Having to continue to deal with situations like this, she said it’s frustrating.

“We’re very fortunate here that we’re not destitute. We’re a mid-sized community centre. Lots of small community centres don’t have the money to replace stuff like this…it’s pretty sad, but that’s the reality, unfortunately, recently. And it’s all across the city.”

Remillard said they have filed a police report and contacted the city.

The hole in the fence is expected to be fixed this week, with Remillard hoping they don’t have to deal with something like this again anytime soon.

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