Plates sold by WSO being recalled due to lead

A plate set sold by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (WSO) has been recalled as it contains lead in excess of allowable limits.

The WSO sent out a warning on Wednesday, saying that Health Canada recalled the Canadian Art Prints’ William Monague ceramic plate set, which was sold at the Music Stand.

According to Health Canada, the recall involves the plates titled ‘Tranquility and Teachings.’ The stock code is PLT015 and the UPC is 772665860151. Both the stock code and UPC can be found on the box.

This news comes after Health Canada determined that the plates contain lead over the allowable limits. The government agency notes that lead is highly toxic, and can lead to serious health effects, including anemia, vomiting, and diarrhea.

If you purchased this plate set, you should stop using it immediately and then contact Canadian Art Prints and Winn Devon Art Group Inc. for a refund. It is also advised to destroy the product.

The WSO said it apologizes for any inconvenience, noting that it had been informed that the product was tested and food safe. It said it will end its relationship with the manufacturer and will be conducting independent testing on products moving forward.

As of March 21, Health Canada has not received any injury reports regarding this product.

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