Big win for big Winnipeg pooch at Westminster show

A dog from Manitoba won big in New York City at the 2020 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Obi, a Dogue de Bordeaux owned by Winnipeg’s Kim Lellig, picked up a “best in breed” award at the prestigious event over the weekend.

Lellig told 680 CJOB that Obi was invited to compete as a number-three ranked dog (of his breed) on the U.S. dog show circuit – a distinction that is the result of a heavy travel schedule for both pet and owner.

“I’ve traveled quite extensively to campaign Obi because I actually believe in his quality,” she said.

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“We were invited to Westminster, so it was really nice to have that dream be realized to attend the show.

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“I do trust in the quality of the dog, so I’m ever-hopeful – nobody enters a dog show thinking they’re going to lose, because it’s a lot of time, money, energy, blood, sweat and tears.”

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Lellig said she first became interested in the Dogue de Bordeaux breed – muscular working dogs who can tip the scales at over 125 lbs – because of their gentle-giant personalities.

“I started off with other members of the working group,” she said.

“I’ve had rottweilers, bull mastiffs and mastiffs… all lovely, lovely breeds. I found the Bordeaux to be a little bit warmer – to have a better sense of humour, perhaps you could put it.

“I wanted to help preserve the breed. I just loved their personalities and I wanted to help.”

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Despite Obi’s big victory, the dog show life is a busy one, and he’ll be back on the road soon to show off his skills at more shows.

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Lellig said one of the benefits of living in Manitoba is the tight community of dog show participants.

“It’s kind of that whole ‘takes a village’ kind of thing,” she said.

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“It’s a competition, and everyone wants to win, but they know that you don’t do your winning on your own.”

Training your dog for any situation
Training your dog for any situation

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